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A Wedding Cake at 25 Fitzwilliam Place

A Wedding Cake at 25 Fitzwilliam

The Lovely Couple – Clair & Ultan

Clair & Ultan were married in August 2015 and had their ceremony and reception in the gorgeous No.25 Fitzwilliam Place with a very cute 2 tier wedding cake.
Clair & Ultan no 25 fitzwilliam 5

Clair & Ultan no 25 fitzwilliam 4It was a gorgeous day, clear sky and the sun was beating down. My concern would generally be the buttercream icing. On this occasion Clair and Ultan had chosen the Italian meringue icing. It’s similar to marshmallow fluff/icing and is soft and sweet, yet the texture stays as it is. It can’t melt as there is no butter in this icing.Clair & Ultan no 25 Fitzwilliam 3

They chose a smooth texture on the base and side scalloped texture for the top. I styled the cake with simply greenery and succulents. All topped off with these 2 adorable little bears Clair found on ETSY. The flavours were pecan and maple with a crunchy pecan praline (a really nice alternative to chocolate and my most popular flavour) and lime with coconut.

Clair & Ultan Fitzwilliam 1

The flowers were a combination of wild simple flowers and larger rose blooms provided by The Flower Box and in keeping with the relaxed, yet elegant style of their alternative wedding at No.25 Fitzwilliam Place.
Clair & Ultan no 25 fitzwilliam 2All images were taken by Clair and Ultan’s chosen photographer, the amazing Will O’Reilly.